For this vein treatment, your vein doctor will remove medium-to-large-sized varicose veins through tiny incisions in your legs. Most people don’t like the thought of incisions on their legs in order to perform this varicose vein surgery, but the incisions are actually very small — stitches aren’t even required.

Your vein doctor will inject a local anesthetic into the affected area. Then, your doctor will use a small scalpel to puncture the skin and create the incision, insert a small hook, grasp the vein, and remove it. The vein treatment is fairly quick and painless. However, you will have to wear medical compression socks for two to three weeks afterward.

Activities to avoid one week after your microphlebectomy

  • Hot tubbing
  • Taking baths
  • Swimming
  • Doing hot yoga
  • Getting a massage


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