5 Aspects To Look For In A Vein Doctor

If you’ve been researching how to get rid of varicose veins, you’ve likely figured out by now that you’ll need a varicose veins treatment. The Vein and Laser Center of Northern Colorado can help take care of you!

We offer a range of vein treatments to meet your unique needs and symptoms, and all of our vein doctors are highly knowledgeable and experienced. However, you should always do your research when finding a vein clinic for your vein treatments. We recommend checking out the following five aspects before you schedule your varicose vein surgery. And, of course, we think our vein doctors measure up! Read our blog today for more information, or call our Fort Collins vein clinic for a free screening.


You wouldn’t trust an inexperienced contractor to build your home. Why would you trust an inexperienced vein doctor? When you check out vein clinics in Northern Colorado, be on the lookout for vein doctors with experience working in the field. Here at the Vein and Laser Center of Northern Colorado, we have profiles of our vein doctors so you know just how experienced they are.


Just as you wouldn’t trust a vein doctor who doesn’t have experience, you certainly shouldn’t trust a vein doctor without qualifications or with unclear qualifications! When you call potential vein clinics in the Fort Collins area, ask about the doctors’ qualifications. You should also look on the website for credentials. As you begin your varicose veins treatment, this will give you peace of mind.


Ask around! Have your friends or family members had varicose veins treatments completed in the past? Ask them who they recommend and why; if there’s anything you should be on the lookout for; and what their favorite part of the process was. This will open your eyes to what to expect. You can also check out online reviews of potential vein clinics or look for testimonials online.


You don’t have to be buddy-buddy with your vein doctor, but it certainly doesn’t hurt when you and the person who will provide your varicose veins treatment get along well! This will make you more comfortable to ask questions and it will make you more comfortable during the varicose vein surgery itself.


Do the vein clinic’s hours work with your schedule? Does the vein clinic offer a variety of varicose vein treatments to match your needs? If the hours aren’t conducive to your schedule, then scheduling appointments will be an added stress. And if they only offer one vein surgery, then you may not be getting the best option for your varicose veins.

Get A Consultation Or A Free Screening Today

The best way to find out how a vein clinic measures up on many of these aspects is by visiting it! You can visit the Vein and Laser Center of Northern Colorado for a free screening today! This 15-minute conversation with an ultrasound tech or nurse can give you an idea of what to expect. Otherwise, visit us for an hour-long appointment in which we’ll diagnose your varicose veins and plan a treatment for varicose veins pain relief. Contact us today!

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