5 Thoughts You’ll Have After Your Varicose Veins Treatment

Recovery from a vein surgery can take time and patience. During that time, you’ll likely have a lot of questions concerning your legs and your veins. We can help.

Here at the Vein And Laser Center of Northern Colorado, we offer varicose veins treatments for all sorts of situations. Whether you need EVLT, microphlebectomy, or foam sclerotherapy — or if you need an overview of varicose veins treatments — you can count on us. Our vein doctors are experienced and qualified to work on a variety of vein problems and offer you varicose veins pain relief. Contact us today for a free screening and to find out what varicose veins treatment could be best for you!

“Where can I get medical compression socks?”

We know shoe store employees have turned many customers away who are looking for compression stockings. Your vein doctor should be able to advise you about what type of varicose vein stocking to wear (we generally recommend 20-30 mmHg thigh high compression socks after a vein surgery) and where to get them. Order medical compression socks today if you’re in need of them.

“Wait, how long do I have to wear these socks?”

This will depend on your varicose veins treatment and how many veins were worked on by your vein doctor. However, patients are typically advised to wear compression stockings for two to six weeks after any vein treatment. This is essential! Wearing medical compression socks daily will help to relieve the symptoms, offer varicose veins pain relief, and help improve your recovery.

“How long will recovery take?”

Again, this will depend on your vein surgery. You’ll be up and walking right after your vein treatment and you can even go back to work that same day. However, full recovery will, obviously, take much longer than a single afternoon.

“Wow, my legs actually look worse.”

Don’t worry! Many patients are shocked after their microphlebectomy, EVLT, or foam sclerotherapy treatment to discover that their legs aren’t in pristine condition. You’ll see marks, bruises, and more from where your veins were treated. These will all heal and fade away, though, about four to eight weeks after your vein treatment.

“My legs look and feel good — this was worth it!”

And voila! Your legs are free of varicose veins, you finally have varicose veins pain relief, and you can feel confident and strong once again. There’s no stopping you! Because recovery and fading can take time, it’s recommended that patients have varicose veins treatments in the fall or winter when the weather is cooler.

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