Does Crossing My Legs Cause Varicose Veins?

We’ve all heard the old wives’ tale prohibiting us from crossing our legs because doing so causes varicose veins. And even though you may have been dissuaded from the comfortable, legs-crossed position a time or two out of fear, we’re sure you’ve wondered if there’s any truth to it.

Here at The Vein and Laser Center of Northern Colorado, we aim to be your resource for varicose veins treatments and information. Luckily for you, we have some good news: crossing your legs does not cause varicose veins. Next time your mother tells you to stop crossing your legs, you’ll have some knowledge up your sleeve with which to defend yourself.

What causes varicose veins?

The one thing that’s most likely to send you running to the vein doctor or desperately searching for how to get rid of varicose veins, unfortunately, is your genetics. As much as you may hate to hear it, genetics seem to be the leading cause of varicose veins. Obesity, inactivity, pregnancy, age, and gender can also affect the presence of these painful, twisting, and bulging veins.

What can I do about varicose veins?

If your varicose veins are genetic, then chances are low that you’ll eliminate the need for varicose veins treatment altogether; however, there are certain techniques and activities you can get in the habit of doing now that will lessen the need for treatment and make the process simpler.

Like we discussed above, long periods of inactivity — including standing — can greatly influence the presence of these veins. Walking around regularly and implementing small leg and ankle exercises throughout the day can help. What’s key here is to keep the blood in your legs flowing. It’s important to note that standing for long periods of time will likely not cause varicose veins; instead, it can exacerbate the already-existing problem within your veins.

When you’re overweight, you place additional strain and pressure on your legs and veins. This can lead to decreased blood circulation and the increased presence of the painful veins! As you progress toward your recommended weight, you will decrease the pain and appearance of your varicose veins.

Medical compression socks can also be a lifesaver on your journey to help your varicose veins. Support stockings will slow the enlargement of your varicose veins and help with varicose veins pain relief.

And, of course, varicose veins treatments are available. After you’ve done all you can for varicose veins prevention, it’s time to visit a vein clinic. Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT), microphlebectomy, and foam sclerotherapy are all effective procedures for varicose veins removal. You’ll first want to plan a screening with your vein doctor to make sure the two of you are on the same page and to determine your exact needs. After that, your visit to the vein clinic for treatment will be quick and painless — you’ll be walking immediately afterward.

The Vein and Laser Center of Northern Colorado is a Top Rated® Local vein clinic that works hard to meet your needs and to offer excellent varicose veins treatments. Contact us today to get started, and don’t be too worried about crossing your legs anymore.

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