How To Prevent Varicose Veins From Worsening

As you see that vein working its way up your leg — and the throbbing intensifies along with it — it’s understandable that you would begin to research varicose veins prevention.

Depending on your level of pain and the extent of your varicose veins, it may be absolutely necessary to look into varicose veins treatments. If that’s the case, then The Vein and Laser Center of Northern Colorado is here for you. Reach out to us today for a free 15-minute screening or schedule an hour-long appointment to see how to proceed.

Wear Medical Compression Socks

Whether your needs require knee-high compression socks or thigh-high compression socks, it would be wise to wear medical compression socks daily — especially if you’re experiencing pain from your bulging veins. Wearing compression socks and stockings will help ensure that your vein valves are in the right position. Your varicose veins are caused by vein valves in the incorrect position — which leads to pain, swelling, and blood pooling.

Medical compression socks can range from mild to extra firm compression, so it’s wise to have a quick consultation with a vein doctor to see what would be best for you.

Avoid Sitting Or Standing For Long Periods Of Time

Just like you don’t like to sit or stand in one position for a long period of time, neither do your legs and veins. Doing so will make it harder for blood to travel in your leg veins (because of gravity). We get it though — we all have jobs that require us to do so.

If this sounds like you, then try taking a few precautions:

  • Bending your ankles and knees
  • Stretching your legs whenever you can
  • Moving your legs at least once an hour
  • Elevating your legs for 15 minutes three times a day

Exercise Regularly And Often

A few of the motions we mentioned above sound a lot like exercise, right? Walking is definitely one of the better forms of varicose veins prevention (although walking certainly doesn’t guarantee you won’t develop varicose veins), as is yoga. What’s important, though — no matter what exercise you choose — is to exercise regularly. You may still be due for a varicose veins treatment at some point, but exercising can help your veins from worsening.

Meet With A Vein Doctor

If you’re serious about preventing your varicose veins from worsening, then schedule an appointment at your local vein clinic. You can meet with the vein doctor to discuss prevention methods, along with discussing varicose vein treatment options. There are many effective varicose vein surgeries that can help, especially when you combine them with the tips in our blog.

Here at The Vein and Laser Center of Northern Colorado, we help our patients feel confident and comfortable with their legs — with both how they look and how they feel. A varicose veins treatment could be what’s right for you. Reach out to us today for a free 15-minute screening to discuss options with a vein doctor.

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