This Is The Best Time To Have A Varicose Veins Treatment — Here’s Why

Sure, you can get a varicose veins treatment at any time of the year. However, depending on your schedule and the environment where you live, the seasons can play a large role in your healing and comfort when recovering from a varicose vein surgery.

Here in Northern Colorado, we have cold winters and hot summers. Because of this, the best time to have a varicose veins treatment is actually in the fall or winter when the weather is cooler. In today’s blog, we’ll explain just why that is. Whether you’re interested in EVLT, microphlebectomy, or foam sclerotherapy or you need an overview of varicose veins treatments, we can help. Our vein clinic is known throughout Fort Collins and the surrounding areas for our superior attention to detail and ability to help clients. Read on to learn more, or contact the Vein And Laser Center of Northern Colorado today for a free screening.

Cool Weather Makes Compression Stockings More Comfortable

After any vein surgery, your vein doctor will require you to wear medical compression socks to aid in the healing process. One reason it’s better to have your varicose vein treatment in the fall or winter is simple: compression stockings are uncomfortable in warmer weather. They can be easier to make work with clothing in the summer — shorts, skirts, etc., — but they can make you hot and uncomfortable, especially here in Colorado where we have hot summers.

Cool Weather Improves Your Ability To Heal

Both before and after a vein surgery, patients in recovery should avoid heat and UV rays. Heat will cause your veins to dilate — which leads to blood pooling in your impaired veins. The collagen in your skin can also be broken down more by UV rays. This will cause your skin to lose elasticity and will weaken your vein walls, which is bad any time of the year, but especially when you’re in recovery.

You Want Your Legs Healed For Warm Weather

Recovery from a varicose vein treatment doesn’t happen overnight. We frequently have people come to us a week before their vacation and say they want their veins injected. We advise against this, and it’s because your healing will take time. On top of this, your veins will look worse post-op before they fully recover and fade — often four to eight weeks after your vein surgery. If you have your treatment for varicose veins done in the fall or winter, then you’ll be ready to enjoy all summer has to offer.

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