Travel Tips For Healthy Leg Circulation

It’s the end of April and summer is right around the corner — can you feel it? The sun is coming up earlier and earlier, the days are getting warmer, and northern Colorado is turning green again. With summer so close, we’re sure you’re excited about your travel plans for 2019.

Are you flying to another country for a week? Are you driving to another state to visit family or tour national parks? Whatever your travel plans for the summer are, you’ll want to ensure your vein health — and prevent pain — by following the tips in this blog. Here at The Vein and Laser Center of Northern Colorado, we’re here for your varicose veins treatments. However, we also want to ensure your vein health as much as possible when you’re not at our vein clinic. Read here for tips and tricks, and contact us today to schedule a varicose veins treatment with our vein doctors.

Keep Veins Healthy During Road Trips

Sure — when you were on spring break during college you could hop in the car, only stop for gas, and be just fine hours and hours later. But now? Well, let’s just say the situation is a bit different.

  • Before: You know your varicose veins will be begging for time out of the car — so plan for it! You’ll need to plan for additional time to get to your destination. We also recommend planning fun stops along the way! Walking around a gas station for five minutes is no fun, but walking around a new site for 10–15 minutes will be a welcome break!
  • During: Stop at all the places you planned — and any other time you feel a stop is necessary. Do calf raises in the car and drink plenty of water. You could also wear medical compression socks.
  • After: Don’t sit down immediately after! Walk around and stretch your legs, or at least elevate your legs if you sit or lie down.

Keep Veins Healthy During Flights

Walking around isn’t as easy in a plane as it is when you’re on a road trip. Here’s what to do to protect your veins when flying:

  • Before: Meet with your vein doctor for a recommendation on what medical compression socks will be best. If you are at risk for blood clots, you should also ask about medications.
  • During: Get up and stretch whenever possible and do calf raises while in your seat. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • After: Got a layover? Walk around and explore the airport. At your destination? Hit the ground running and explore your new locale!

Schedule A Varicose Veins Treatment Today

Whether you have upcoming travel or not, it’s wise to meet with a vein doctor to discuss your options for varicose vein treatments. Here in Fort Collins and the surrounding areas, you can count on The Vein and Laser Center of Northern Colorado. Our vein clinic will be happy to serve you with a free 15-minute screening, so contact us today to discuss varicose veins treatments.

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