Varicose Veins Treatment: Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT)

Maybe the thought of lasers working away on your legs sounds pretty scary initially, but there’s no reason to be nervous about endovenous laser treatment. This varicose vein treatment is popular for good reason: it’s safe and effective.

Here at the Vein and Laser Center of Northern Colorado, there’s truly no need to be nervous. We have experienced vein doctors and friendly staff to guide you through the laser treatment for varicose veins. If you’re seeing bulging veins pop up on your legs more and more, or you’re ready for varicose veins pain relief, learn how to get rid of varicose veins with our resources. Schedule a free consultation with our varicose vein doctor today and visit our Fort Collins vein clinic. Until then, use this page as a resource for all of your questions about this vein treatment and how we use an endovenous laser to treat varicose veins.

How This Vein Surgery Works

For this varicose vein surgery, your vein doctor will use laser energy, a highly concentrated beam of light. Laser treatment for varicose veins is rapidly becoming the preferred method within the industry. The medical lasers will target the affected tissue with unmatched accuracy; this prevents any surrounding tissue from being affected during your varicose vein surgery.

When you work with our varicose vein laser center for your procedure, we use the “Never Touch” gold-tip fiber. This allows for your maximum comfort. Our vein doctors will create a small entry point for the fiber through a small incision in your skin. The fiber is then inserted into your damaged vein through the small incision. This fiber will then emit the laser light. As your vein doctor pulls the fiber back through the vein, the fiber delivers energy that reacts to the tissue. This energy will cause the unhealthy vein to close and seal shut.

The more conventional vein surgery involves the methods of ligation and stripping, which lead to pain and bruising. By using a laser for varicose veins, though, you will not experience extreme pain or bruising. You may have to deal with temporary swelling or soreness, but it’s nothing that can’t be handled with over-the-counter pain relievers and it won’t be long-lasting.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Will I be under anesthesia? No. This varicose vein surgery is minimally invasive and thus requires no general anesthesia. Our vein doctors will simply use a local anesthetic to numb the area where they’re working. You will also be given a couple of pills by mouth just before the procedure to relax you and help make you more comfortable.
  • Will this disrupt my body’s blood flow? No. This vein treatment only addresses superficial veins. These superficial veins handle less than 15 percent of your body’s blood flow, and your body will naturally reroute the blood to healthy veins instead.
  • How long will this take? One hour. The outpatient surgery can range in duration, but the average endovenous laser treatment lasts around one hour.
  • How long until I can walk? Immediately after! Patients are encouraged to walk immediately after their varicose veins treatment, and we’ll have you up and walking for 20 minutes after yours when you visit our vein clinic.
  • How long for recovery? This will range for everyone, primarily due to how many varicose veins were addressed. However, patients can resume normal activities the same day as their varicose vein surgery. We advise having a thorough conversation with your vein doctor to determine if there are any activities you should refrain from for a time.
  • Do I need varicose vein stockings? Medical compression socks are an absolute must after your laser treatment for varicose veins. Your vein doctor will give you more information about how long you need to wear them and whether you need thigh-high or knee-high compression socks. After a surgical procedure, like endovenous laser treatment, 20-30 mmHg thigh-high compression socks are generally the recommended strength.
  • Can I prevent varicose veins? Many people are looking for varicose veins prevention solutions both before and after their varicose vein surgery. There are some methods for prevention, but if you have bulging veins already, you certainly need a vein surgery.

Here at the Vein and Laser Center of Northern Colorado, we’re eager to help you be confident with your legs again. This vein treatment is highly effective for varicose veins pain relief. Visit our vein clinic for a free screening and to find out if this is the right varicose vein surgery for you or if you would benefit from a different vein surgery.

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