What To Do (And Not To Do) After Your Varicose Veins Treatment

Once you’ve had your varicose veins treatment — perhaps EVLT, microphlebectomy, or foam sclerotherapy — you’re likely full of questions about what’s appropriate for your body afterward. You finally have varicose veins pain relief after all, but that doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing. It will be once your recovery is complete, but there are certain aspects you need to consider to make sure your recovery is quick, painless, and effective.

In today’s blog, we’re covering different things you should and shouldn’t do after leaving the vein clinic. If you have any questions, please reach out the knowledgeable vein doctors and staff at the Vein and Laser Center of Northern Colorado. We serve people throughout Fort Collins, Loveland, Estes Park, Windsor, and many other parts of Northern Colorado. If you’re in need of a varicose veins treatment, contact us today to set up a free screening and get started!

Do Wear Compression Stockings

Medical compression socks will be vital after your varicose veins treatment. Following a surgical procedure, whether a laser treatment for varicose veins or another surgery, our vein clinic recommends 20-30 mmHg, thigh-high compression socks. We recommend daily use for two to six weeks following any vein treatment, but your vein doctor can give you more personalized, specific instructions afterward. Wearing medical compression stockings will help offer varicose veins pain relief and relieve the symptoms of varicose veins, making your recovery more comfortable and lasting.

Do Relax

There’s no reason for you to miss work or miss out on major activities, but it’s also unwise to be filling your days with lots and lots of activities. For example, our vein doctors are often asked if their clients can go on vacation a week after their vein treatment. This isn’t ideal because you’ll need to wear compression stockings and because your varicose veins will actually look worse before the fade away. Just enjoy a few weeks with a slightly slower pace than usual — what better excuse to relax?

Do Resume Normal Activities

Although we said to relax, we also said there’s no reason to miss work after your laser treatment for varicose veins — or any other varicose vein surgery. Most of the patients at our vein clinic can resume normal activities the same day as their varicose vein surgery — and they’re up and walking just 20 minutes afterward.

Don’t Do These Activities

However, if any of the following activities are in your daily routine, you will need to adjust after your varicose veins treatment. Your vein doctor can give you additional guidance about any other activities to avoid or the length of time for which to avoid these activities.

  • Hot tubbing
  • Taking baths
  • Swimming
  • Practicing hot yoga
  • Getting Massages

Are you ready to say goodbye to your varicose veins? They can affect the way you feel about your legs’ appearance and can be painful. Varicose veins treatment can help immensely. Contact the Vein and Laser Center of Northern Colorado today for a free screening.

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